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Unleash Your Culinary Bowlitude at Chapelli's Pizzeria & Bar

Behold the wonder that is Chapelli's Pizzeria & Bar, an Italian cuisine restaurant nestled within the Marquis Hotel, a legendary establishment perched in the heart of Carterton.

At the helm of this culinary odyssey is none other than Steve Chapman who has extensive experience in the restaurant industry. Steve has run various pizzerias during his career, including Kelburn's award-winning Red Tomato and Chapelli's branches in Featherston and Lower Hutt.

Pizzas take centre stage, crafted with the reverence of Italian tradition and the ingenuity of a true artist. Using only the freshest, premium ingredients, each pizza tells a story of flavour, heritage, and innovation. A fusion of flavours that's as smooth as a well-directed lawn bowl. Whether you're all about tradition or your taste buds crave the avant-garde, Chapelli's caters to all, including vegetarians and gluten-free aficionados, all served up with a side of cool.

The pizzeria has a casual, relaxed atmosphere, with indoor and outdoor seating options available, allowing guests to take in the beautiful surroundings. The bar offers a variety of drinks, including beers, wines, and cocktails. Whether you're seeking a casual drink or a place to unwind with family and over a scrumptious meal after a tough day on the bowling green, we've got you covered. With its cozy and romantic ambiance, it is also perfect for couples looking for a perfect date spot.

Chapelli's Pizzeria & Bar is open every day from 3pm until late.

63 High Street North, Carterton 5713. Ph: 06 379 7960


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