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Our vision 

(Strategic plan)

It is our Vision to see the benefits of bowls enjoyed by the entire Wairarapa community.

It is our Mission to grow and promote the game of lawn bowls


1) To increase the number of people actively playing bowls
2) To increase player numbers in all clubs within the Wairarapa region
3) To strengthen financial management within the centre and member clubs
4) To increase player skill through coaching
5) To promote and encourage Secondary School Bowls
6) To promote community involvement within the game by initiating competitions that target social sectors eg. business house, social clubs, physically impaired
7) Encourage clubs to plan to provide all year round playing facillities
8) Make the game more socially acceptable over a wider age group by developing modern and innovative playing conditions

It is important the Bowls community have input into the future direction of the association. For any questions regarding this document, or resulted actions and milestones, please use the online contact form.

Bowls offers tangible benefits to the physical health and well being of the 300 participants who belong to our eight local clubs

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