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Our Rising Stars

Last week was an exhilarating time for our young bowlers as they fearlessly took on the challenge of the secondary schools' tie against Wellington and the National U26 competition. Their opponents included some of the best bowlers in New Zealand, among them a National Singles Champion of Champions and a Commonwealth Games Bronze medalist! Despite their relatively limited experience, our young talents rose to the occasion, displaying remarkable skills, positive attitudes, and unwavering perseverance.

They showed great courage and determination to face strong competition and represented their centre admirably. Bowls Wairarapa would like to congratulate our young bowlers for their performances, which is not just measured in wins and losses but also in the valuable qualities they displayed throughout the competitions.

Engaging in demanding competitions like these serves as a catalyst for athletes' growth and skill enhancement. The invaluable lessons derived from competing against top-level bowlers have undoubtedly enriched the learning experience for our team. With their remarkable display of courage and determination, we can confidently anticipate a promising future for our aspiring bowlers. Congratulations to all those involved for their outstanding achievements and contributions!

Congratulations to Wellington for securing victory in the secondary school event, and a well-deserved applause to Taranaki for their triumph in the U26 competition.


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