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Men's Open Championship Fours

The Open Championship Fours unfolded in Greytown on November 11th and 12th, graced by ideal weather for two remarkable days of bowling.

In the Men's event, Dean Hands, Mathew Day, Darren Meyrick, and Richard Anderson (composite) achieved triumph. Engaging in several closely contested games, they narrowly escaped elimination (close measure) on Saturday, underscoring the intense competitiveness among participants. Undeterred, they displayed remarkable resolve and consistently delivered impressive bowls throughout the event.

Their mettle was on full display during the finals, securing a 15-14 victory over Steve Chapman's team by picking up a crucial four in the last end. This propelled them to the final against the team of Les O'Donovan, Steve Willis, Matthew Campbell, and Peter Ireland. In a tightly contested match, Richard Anderson's team emerged victorious with a score of 16-14.


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