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Aussie Open Adventures: Wairarapa Players Shine Bright

What an exhilarating Australian Open for our Wairarapa contingent! Gavin Hamlyn showcased his talent by reaching the last 16 in the singles, where he faced off against world number 3, Aaron Teys. Considering the tournament had over 1300 participants, this was a fantastic achievement!

Garry Muriwai also had a stellar performance, making it to the last 16 in the fours, where he battled against the team of the current World Singles champion, Ryan Bester. Garry didn't stop there—he also qualified in the singles, proving his versatility and skill.

Young Harry Hamlyn, just 15, bravely competed in the U18 singles. While he didn't make it through the qualifiers, he shone in the fours alongside his dad, Gavin. They qualified for the post section, only to be bested by last year's semi-finalists.

Rozanna Muriwai had an outstanding tournament, qualifying in all three disciplines and reaching the last 16 in the fours. Her consistency and prowess were truly remarkable. In the fours Rozanna played with fellow Martinborough members Jenny Sellars, and Wendy Mackie.

All in all, it was an outstanding event, highly recommended by our Wairarapa players who thoroughly enjoyed the thrill and competition of the Australian Open.


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