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Carrington's Southern Adventure

In the picturesque city of Dunedin, three friends embarked on a thrilling adventure. They were ardent bowlers and had qualified for the prestigious Champion of Champion Triples tournament. Excitement coursed through their veins as they prepared to showcase their skills.

The journey brought them great experiences, both on and off the green. The competition was fierce, with talented bowlers from all corners of the country. Despite their valiant efforts, victory eluded them. Disappointed, they could only lament the loss. However, they held their heads high, knowing they had given it their all. Amidst the disappointment, they discovered a silver lining. Dunedin, with its captivating landscapes and rich heritage, proved to be a haven for sightseeing.

They explored the city's historic architecture, strolled along the pristine beaches, and marvelled at the breathtaking landscapes. The city's charm embraced them, and they revelled in its beauty. As they bid farewell to Dunedin, their hearts swelled with fond memories of the great experiences they had shared. Though they didn't claim the championship, their bond grew stronger through the ups and downs. And as they journeyed home, they carried the spirit of Dunedin within them, champions in their own right.

Megan Gray, Stacey Smyth, Shirley Poutu


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