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Bowls Wairarapa AGM

Bowls Wairarapa is calling for members to save 26 July 2023 in their calendar. Bowls Wairarapa will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 26th July at 6.30pm. The venue is TBA. Your participation and engagement are vital to the continued success of our organization, and we encourage all members to attend.


  1. Call to Order and Welcome

  2. Approval of Minutes from the Previous AGM

  3. President's Report

  4. Treasurer's Report and Presentation of Financial Statements

  5. Committee Reports (if applicable)

  6. Election/Appointment of Board Members

  7. Other Business and Open Floor for Member Questions

  8. Adjournment

Please note that the detailed agenda, annual report, financial statements, and any additional documents will be made available to all members in advance of the meeting. We encourage you to participate actively in shaping the future of Bowls Wairarapa. This is an opportunity for you to voice your ideas, concerns, and suggestions. We value your input and look forward to your attendance

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